Rose outside without their glasses, wearing a cowboy hat and holding their long-sleeve flannel shirt closed. Rose provides erotic massage in Denver.

About Erotic Massage

I provide intimate and highly sensual erotic massage in beautiful Denver, Colorado. My private incall studio is near I-25 and University Blvd and offers free on-street parking. I provide a shower with clean towels and washcloths for your convenience. Sadly, the building is not accessible; there are nine steps leading to the studio door.

Please be aware that I am not a licensed massage therapist, nor do I have any medical training.

Rate and Availability for Erotic Massage

My rate is $300 for the first hour and $200 per additional hour. No-shows are deeply frowned upon; I ask that you be considerate when booking your body rub and notify me of changes before our scheduled appointment, even just to say you are running late.

I respond to all successfully-screened inquiries within 72 hours Monday-Friday. Massages are scheduled Monday-Sunday from 10am-5pm (last session at 5pm). I have occasional availability outside of those hours for exceptionally respectful folks whose schedules do not align with mine. I cannot accommodate same-day appointments.

About My Ideal Guest

My ideal guest follows my screening requirements without trouble. They are respectful of me, my time, and my incall space. The guest is clean, and they take advantage of my private bathroom when they arrive. Please note that there is no need to shave or trim for me! In fact, I prefer if you don't :)

Non-Discrimination & Accessibility Notice

I do not discriminate on the basis of skin color, country of origin, physical ability/limitation, sexual orientation, or body type.

Quite the opposite! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your visit more accessible and more comfortable.

Screening Requirements

All folks interested in booking an erotic massage with me must first follow my screening requirements. I require screening before availability requests and other questions, and I perform this step before we have met. I collect this information for identity verification and to ensure my personal safety.

Provide everything requested below to make a great first impression. I cannot contact folks who do not "pass" the screening stage, but I'll let you know within 72 hours Monday-Friday if we can move forward with scheduling.

Every provider has their own screening requirements. Here are mine:

I do not accept references from other providers.

How to Submit Screening Information

Text: 8o3-816-o42o


You can submit your screening information with photo attachments via text or email. Text is the faster method, but everyone is screened within 72 hours Monday-Friday. Phone calls are not accepted.

5 Random Things About Rose

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Person in sunhat sitting outside with a bowl of cereal and toes from one foot pointed toward the camera.

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